Monday, 29 May 2017

27-28 May 2017 Sondela Endurance Ride.

We had an exciting weekend away with the horses.
I took my three horses to compete in an endurance ride. All of the still need to complete their ''novice horse'' phases.
I left early friday morning with two horses as the ride is quite some distance away, it's a about a five hour drive towing a full trailer.
It was only me and my groom.
Some of my friends whom volunteered to ride my two other horses are in the pictures below.
We arrived at the ride base in good time, settling the horses in, off loading all the equipment and setting up camp. The pre-vet check for the horses riding the following day opened at 15:00 for us and so we took the horses to the vet and they are ready for the race.
Troy and Marilet only left our area at 19:00 the evening and arrived at the ride base with my other horse and her horse just passed mid night! All that could go wrong on their behalf did! But they managed to push through. 
Got up at around 05:00 to start at 06:50.
Our legs distances over 80km worked out ar 31km,31km, and 18km which is nice, well I like it.
The track consists of a lot of sand, some parts it felt like I was somewhere in the desert!
Never the less it was awesome!
We took REAL slow, I just want my horses to successfully complete their 80km novice rides, and real slow we did. Our total time for the day was 07:04 hours + grooming time.
All three of the horses completed their rides successfully, I am on very happy owner!

This is Stonecroft Sun Jewel, she completed her novice horse phase this weekend and can start riding competitively! Happy Days!

This is Mekadesh Ibn Alin, he rode his second 40km race and has two 80km races left to complete his novice career.

Mekadesh Zunata, successfully completed his 80km race and he only needs one more 80km to complete his novice career. He did such a great job.

Stone croft Sun Jewel the day after the race. Happily grazing away on her alfalfa.

Mekadesh Zunata also enjoying his hay.

This was a quick picture of how the temporary camps are set up.
Premier Endurance Club did a great job to host such a fantastic event!

Marilet grooming her horse for the final vet check.

Take Care!

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