Thursday, 18 May 2017

Sunset Run With The Dogs.

I will say it every single darn day! We are blessed beyond measure to call this picturesque, beautifully  blissful place our home and I would never want to life anywhere else as in our mother Africa.
As they always say "home is where the heart is" and I could not for a second agree more.
I love to run, it is one of my favorite pastime hobbies, or I would rather call it a  lifestyle. And running would not be same if it was not for my adorable / unfit fury kids.
We have Border Collies, my husband uses them as tracking dogs because they are so fearfully smart!
When tracking an animal they don't want to bite or injure it like most other common breeds would do, they use their natural instinct of herding. And it is spectacular to witness! 

So currently we have three dogs, not a million as my in laws. But if they had any less dogs their house would not feel the same. It is always such a homey feeling and anyone would feel welcome in their presence.

This is my dog Poacher. He is the youngest addition to the tracking squad. Charl has an older dog Snappi which is retired, unbelievably intelligent dog. And he teaches the teenagers. My husband lost his younger dog which was supposed to take Snappi's place. And now that privilege is passed on to Poacher. He still has a lot of learning to do but we are getting there.

We did our run up to the mountain. The chocolate collie is called Aero. I don't think he will ever grow up. But that's ok, he can stay my baby forever.

This is what the sunsets from the mountain looks like, and this picture does not even do it justice.
Breathtaking every single time.
The sun reflects a simmering hot piece of metal falling from the sky.
Oh how I absolutely adore what our God has created for us.

This is a picture of Aero that I took earlier during the day whilst herding some horses.
I think this picture says it all.

Take Care.

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