Sunday, 14 May 2017

Our Wedding.

Charl and I are still newly weds. We got married on the 11th of March 2017 and what a day it was...
I know they said that your wedding passes by as quickly as the blink of an eye, but seriously...
Luckily we have pictures to remind us of every single detail.
We received a sneak peak of our wedding pictures and I absolutely love every single one of them.

We got married here on the (Farm Thankerton, Gravelotte(Limpopo) South-Africa. In the helicopter hanger, like we have always planned to do.
It was more than I could ever have asked for and even more.

We took most of our pictures up on the mountain called "Panty Dropper" - don't even ask..
But if you really want to know you can just take a look at that view and you can make your own conclusions haha!

The sunset was breath taking and we had a hoot of time playing model for our wonderful photographers.
Most men despise taking pictures especially this one of mine, but he did an excellent job.
I was very pleased with him. I probably was the mood of the day, nothing could bother us.

The bridal party got ready at main camp also on the family farm where we live.
All was so convenient. The view that we had that day was unbelievable! The sky was crystal clear not even and inch of smokey or haziness in sight. Whit a light breeze brushing down your skin, just making it cool enough for our outdoor ceremony.

This is one of my favorites.
To me it symbolizes marriage.

My wonderful bridesmaids.

A bit of the setting inside during the day.
I loved every piece.
Organizing a whole wedding by yourself is a very tasking job but at the end it is all worth it. And I would never have it any other way!!

My father in law took this picture when the moved the helicopter to the old hanger.
And I am still in love with everything.
The whole family helped us immensely, I don't know how I would have done it without them.

And I love my husband with all my heart.

Take Care.

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