Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Zanzibar Honeymoon ,Travel ZANZIBAR!

I know these are a little late, but I have not posted them yet.
I feel the dire need to share our experience we had in Zanzibar. We only went on honeymoon about two weeks after the wedding.

The Zanzibar Archipelago is an alluring landscape, filled with eden like beaches with transparent warm waters and a captivating Arab -Swahili culture.

A quick three hour flight from OR Tambo International airport in Johannesburg took us straight to ZNZ airport. A tiny airport with a lot of traffic. The infrastructure definitely needs some upgrade but hey it adds on to the experience.
From there we where met by our travel agency that took us to our resort, we stayed at the The Gold Zanzibar Beach House and Spa, breathtaking!
Zanzibar is the biggest of the Archipelago and is predominantly flat and sandy.
Zanzibar has a extremely rich history which makes all so beautiful and interesting. The culture of course is embodied in Stone Town, a maze of winding lanes and narrow alleyways, mosques, palaces and many more.
All rooms are designed and furnished as Swahili culture would, thick doors and hardwood floors.

Why Zanzibar?
  • Spice Tours.
  • Joan Forest.
  • Stone Town.
  • Maruhubi Palace.

One of the best diving and snorkeling sites in Zanzibar is Mnemba island.
I have not seen anything like this before!

The very popular Dhow, known as the traditional sailing vessels with one or more masts with lateen sales used in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean region.
We went on a sunset cruise and as you can see the sunset are spectacular.

I would go back in a heart beat.
It was one of the best holidays of my entire life.
Probably because my husband hates traveling and he got his far.
But never the less, Zanzibar is paradise found!

Take Care!

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