Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The life of a Juck Russel Terrier on Farm Thankerton

 Yes it comes with the territory.... No just anything, only.. well.. DOGS!
And a whole bunch of them!
Today was no usual than any other day. It was an early morning wildebeest re-location here on the farm.
My father in law was piloting and me, Charl's grandfather and Francios the other pilot where ground crew in the truck, retrieving the animals.
And we where so gallantly escorted by Bubbles the Juck Russel Terrier, the spot where you see her in this picture. That is where she will be day in and day out and normally there will be a whole lot more but today they missed their ride. Well they will definitely be there for the next one!

For all the ladies that love farm life and always join out on the outings similar to this, I do have some useful tips for you:
1.Pack sunscreen and a hat, the days tend te stretched out as long as possible.
2.Make sure you wear your hiking boots!
3.Shorts will be good.
4. And maybe some sunglasses.
4.Pack a water bottle.
5. And of course a sense of adventure and an avid working ethic, because this is the life we live for!!

Take Care.

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