Thursday, 11 May 2017

I will describe myself as a very avid horse rider! Nothing can compare to my love for horses and just being outdoors.
After loosing my endurance horse last year I kind of lost my "avidness" if I can even call it that...
He was my world, he would always give me his absolute all!! An oh man did I see an amazing future ahead for us. And I am still sad, I still wish he was here and that I was able to compete with him.
There is not a time that goes past when I think of him that I don't get teary eyed, and yes I am sitting in front of the computer, watching the sun rise with a tear in my eye.
And saying this, I have neglected my other endurance horse just because we did not have the bond that Samurai and I have.
And ultimately when I did my first endurance race for the year, the picture far below I did not prepare and condition my horse well enough for a 80km. And when I finished this race I said to myself "how selfish and petty do you want to because if this is going to be your attitude you might as well leave everything!"

 We have another race coming up at the end of May and my sister has been such an angel in helping me prepare my two horses. I followed my conditioning and exercise schedule like I always did if not even better now.
It gave me a new burst of life an excitement and from here on out I am only looking forward. That which have happend in the past we can only grow stronger. And never take anything for granted that we still have in this present life that is just as good.
Now we are taking three horses to this endurance ride and I am yet again excited beyond measure!!

The horse in the top is an Arab x - Stonecroft Sun Jewel.
The on down below is a pure bred Arab - Mekadesh Zunata.

We will be off later this morning for another conditioning session.
For all of my non horsey friends here are some explanation of terms;
1. Conditioning: Working the horse to become strong enough to compete endurance rides without damage.
2.Ecercise: The level of work that does not stress the horse. It just maintains the fitness.

Take Care.

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