Friday, 19 May 2017

Banging on my kitchen door.

I was busy inside the house when I suddenly heard this loud bang! This little guy flew straight into our window. How pretty is he not?
They calle themselves the Black-Collared Barbet, they occur in ares with fruit trees, which explains why he came knocking on our door. We have beautiful Rock Fig trees surrounding our house and this attacks a huge variety of bird life. Waking up in the mornings with all of the whistles of the beautiful birds surrounding us.
He sad on my hand for two minutes or so and then suddenly like a lightning bolt just took off. I think this poor guys was exhausted.

Poor little thing, luckily he is ok!

Almost recharged and ready to take off.
I almost had a heart attack, it was so quick!

On my way later the afternoon to head out my run, with my dogs of course I was able to capture this picture of Aero, the sunset and this beautiful Fever tree.

Whilst living on a game farm with a diverse amount of animal species I ALWAYS have tenants on my lawn! And these guys have been visiting us for a couple of days now. These antelope are called Nyala, young sub-adult bulls. They get very accustomed to people and generally feel safe being around the house. They did not have a problem with me approaching them. They can get aggressive when matured. So it is always better to keep a safe distance. Wild animals will always stay wild! 

Here he is checking out some noise coming from our guest bungalows.

Here you have a glimpse of the bungalows.

Take Care.

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