Thursday, 1 June 2017

More Endurance Riding Pictures.

I am truly mesmerized by the passion our South-African people have for this sport. It brings a sense of togetherness, people that have horses in common actually shares lives. It is a topic that can be showered upon, just because of the happiness these animals bring into our lives.
The are able to carry you over great distances and the give their absolute all for you. We just need to take care of them and prepare them well to carry us the distance.
I will forever be in awe.

So here I have a few pictures of the venue where it was held called Sondela Nature Reserve, a pristine setting with loads of wildlife.

This is the vet check area. These pictures where taken on the friday night just before the race.

A picturesque sunset setting our eyes ablaze!

Tacking off after the fist leg of 31km.

Taking my horses pulse before going to the vet check. The pulse should be 64 beat per minute or less.
I always used a stethoscope, I feel it is more effective and by doing so I started to learn my horses' pulse whether she is fit or unfit. To me it is just more accurate. 

Slowly walking her towards the vet check area.

Trotting out for the veterinarian. They need to make 100% sure that your horse is fit to complete the race.

Mekadesh Zunata coming back from vet check number one with more fire!

Checking out all the other horses.

Coming back from our second leg.
She is such an amazing ride.

Take Care.

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