Monday, 21 January 2019

Pregnancy and Endurance Riding

What an exhausting and exciting 2018 I have had.
I had the chance to compete in the South-African International Endurance Riding Challenge with a horse that a leased from a very good friend of mine.
I asked her if I can ride him with the option to buy. We only did two rides together since I brought him home with me, but what an amazing two rides they where. Since I only had young horses that need to build up, I did not have a competitive horse to ride and I was thrilled when she agreed to let me ride him for a while. As the dream was to ride a 120km on him and then take him to Namibia for an international there. But unfortunately things did not plan out a I wanted them to.
Two weeks ago I decided to return him and let the dreams yet again slip for 2019.

A week after this race on the picture above we found out that I was 5 weeks pregnant.
What an amazing and scary feeling at the same time! So from there I refrained from doing any riding but was still highly active in the roll as ground crew.
The care taker of my horses rode them and kept them fit. Still competing in a few rides before I decided to give them a rest from the season.
Still going full steam with planning the 2019 Endurance Season, it just occurred to me.. Am I going to spend my time on training a horse I might not even buy or do I spend my time on focusing on the careers of my young horses. And this is just what I am going to do.
I bought all of the young horses for a reason and I am going to build them up as successfully as I can!

I am currently 37 weeks pregnant and planning on a natural birth. Hopefully all goes well.
I can't wait to start up and ride again, it's been too long. 
The first few months was not that bad as I was very busy with the volunteer program.
But seven months in I got FOMO haha.
No riding, No hard physical activity, No deepsea angling with my husband, it was quite terrible.
But soon I realized it's nothing compared to the bundle of joy coming into our lives and changing it forever.
And I cannot think of doing live and all its adventures with this amazing husband of mine!
Focusing on what makes me happy and our new addition to the family!

I absolutely cannot wait!

Take CARE!