Monday, 12 September 2016

Unexpected passing of my best friend and endurance horse, Kitima Samurai.

Tears fill up my eyes and my heart shoots up to my throat every time I think of him. Today 9 days ago my boy was put down due to sever edema on his brain. This was caused by a case of Babesia Equi. He was taken to one of the local Veterinary Hospitals where he stayed under 24 hour observation for 16 days. Those where the worst 16 days of my life. When he arrived there, blood was immediately drawn to be sent away for analysis to be 100% sure of his diagnosis and the treatment began. The sad thing is that those virus blood test sometimes take up to three weeks to be completed and most horses pass before then because it ultimately just takes too long for the results to be finalized and delivered. Every second day he had high temperature spikes which was a set back. Just when we think we have some positive results he has another set back. So it continued for 10 days when we finally had the virus results back which stated that he had Babesia Equi. The Veterinarian treated him with different medication and nevertheless he had such a positive come back for 3 days. I was so happy that I might have my boy back home with me in just a few days. But that evening everything spiraled out of control. He fell around in his stable and his temperature spiked again, he did not register to voices or movement and she explained the edema has caused this. She stayed with him throught the entire night just to see him worsening. And we finally decided we can't let him go through this any more. This was the absolute worst decision I have had to made in my entire life. He was put down that night. I am a true believer in our Heavenly Father and I know He has greater things in store for us and I believe that with all my heart. It takes time to process somethings like this and it is how you rise above your circumstances that determines who you are. I will have a emptiness in my heart for some time to come and his stable will be empty without his beautiful face looking out to me. He gave me so much joy, laughter and anxiety on the endurance field that I will never exchange for anything and those memories will be cherished and they will be forever etched into my heart. And that is what I want to remember of him
 He was one of the best gifts that I have ever been blessed with in my life. 
Love you forever my special boy.