Saturday, 24 February 2018

Focusing on Equestrian Endurance Riding with a busy work lifestyle.

How do we balance a recreational lifestyle with a hectic career?

As an outdoor fanatic I love sports! Mainly running and Endurance Riding with my horses.
I am blessed to say that my career mainly involves outdoor work. And on the other side I run a Wildlife Veterinary program which is a 24/7 kinda job.
For everyone that has a active lifestyle knows that it is also as 24/7 job.
Healthy eating for me and my horses, making sure they have al the best available nutrients all throughout the year. You have to be fit and so your horses, which is double the work.

Running falls in great with Endurance Riding.
As you need to be physically fit to be able to ride these long distances. 

Preparing a horse for a Endurance Ride.

1.Long distance riding in a totally unfit state will take 2 months or more.
2.At every stage of training the horse must be fed in proportion to the work done.
3.Hill work to strengthen the horse.
4.LSD (Long Slow Distance work.) Some people say at least two years, and I follow a three year plan.
5. Working up to fast rides over a longer period of time.
6. No book can take the place of your horse to tell you how much, how fast and for how long you should go on a given training day.
6.Common sense, when this is missing you can cause the greatest damage to a horse.

Here I will share a few tips on how to ensure you achieve your goals.

1. You will always have set backs, prepare for them, learn from them and build up from there.
2.Always have a goal. Doesn't matter what it might be, bettering a PB, putting in a extra workout session or running that extra mile.
3.Have a set out routine to follow during the week.
4.Never make excuses! Follow through not matter what!
5.Building up a horse for endurance takes a few years, but in the end it will be all worth it.
6.Cater to your own likes an dislikes, you will learn a new set of skills with every race.
7.Use every competition as motivation.
8.Track you workouts, for you and your horse. As workouts intensifies you can track the progress.
9.Make habit and lifestyle changes.
10.Learn to say NO! No the negativity!

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Take Care!

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