Saturday, 16 April 2016

The Impact Of Wildlife Based Tourism.

Privileged and blessed beyond imagination to able to do what we love is one of the most important key factors to make a success out of something you love. And I realize is more strongly every single day.
Surround yourself with people with the same ambition as you and take a chances, be daring and challenge yourself. As volunteer programs are mostly wildlife based tourism and that is what we are about, I would like to share what the impact has on South-Africa.
Game can play an important role in wildlife based tourism, which is likely to become one of the better economic supporters as well as a large earner of foreign exchange. Wildlife supports the goal of achieving a sustainable  living planet. Wildlife tourisme creates an immense amount of job opportunities for local residents. This is why the tourism industry can be seen as one of the largest contributing industries to economic growth an employment creation.

In the picture above we immobilized a Golden Wildebeest which is a colour variation of the normal Blue Wildebeest(Connochaetes Taurinus). She was immobilized for the fact that she has not yet delivered a calf, an ultra sound was performed in the open field to quickly determine if she was pregnant and the results were negative. She will be
be closely monitored for his time and hopefully we will be able to get positive results.
These are beautiful and rare animals which makes the sought after.