Monday, 19 June 2017

All in a Days Work.

We are always hustling about, and then you get those extra busy days like this one was.
We had to move quite a bunch of auction animals for my father in law as the auction is drawing near.
We darted six Sable Antelope cows, all went smooth and uninterrupted. Everybody operated like a well oiled machine in the field.
When we finished up with the cows we moved along to this one bull, still very young and showing immense amount of potential.
We waited for our transportation crew for a few minutes and whilst sitting there I always like to take a closer look at the tremendous animals. His beautifully curved shaped horns are symmetrical to one and other, they have thick basis almost too thick. It is like the horns of an antelope tell a story about their ancestors. Big bodied and muscular animals with a fighting spirit.

As we reversed the drug and the Sable Antelope was already introduced to his new breeding herd he gently tilted over his head and gracefully scratched his back with those spear like horns.
We should always know who the real boss is.

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