Monday, 5 June 2017

Golden Wildebeest that Outshine the Sun.

I have said it before and I will say it many more times to come, "I love working with Wildlife!"
I landed my dream job of Wildlife Veterinary Assistant with the Veterinarian we run our Volunteer program with.
Animals are substantial, they give a certain purpose to life. Working with them always leaves me in awe of how bountifully God has blessed our lives and I wish that this beauty never fades.

The picture below shows me with two Golden Wildebeest cows that we recently sedated for relocation. They are a color variant of the common Blue Wildebeest that we have. Their coats shine with a golden ember color, if the whole herd stand together they outshine the sun.
They are hands down one of my favorite animals.

The first Golden Wildebeest bull was captured in the 1990's on a game farm called Swinburne, by Alec Rough in the Limpopo Valley. (We are from the Limpopo Valley)
The majority of Golden Wildebeest originate from this area. Pioneer breeders firstly referred to them as Red or Yellow Wildebeest.

Take Care!

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