Monday, 26 February 2018

Riding with the African Painted Dog.

We are a small group of people in our Endurance Riding Club, called Letaba Endurance Club. And a few of us decided to do jointed run on Sunday to get our horses fit for the next race which is 17 March 2018.  We had such a blast, we did a round of 22km. It was very humid with a heavy rain storm building up.
On the reserve they all kinds of plains game species, and then they have an African Wild Dog also known as the African Painted Dog with the beautifully colored pattern they have. It seems that they could have been painted. But nevertheless, they are active conservationist in trying to save this species as they are extremely endangered and we are always lucky enough to pass by these camps on horseback. The horses where completely docile and quite curious of these animals jumping up and down along the fence line whilst we make our way passed the camp.
What an incredible experience!

The extremely endangered African Painted Dog.

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